What do we talk about, when we talk about future?

MigLoom is a migrant self-organisation with a  focus on transnational and migrant narratives on future discourses. 

Hey! Ich bin eine verlockende Überschrift!

     What do we do?

1-We focus on power structures: 

What is the role of Migrants in today's society? How divers are the voices when democracy,  digitalisation, social innovation or feminism being discussed?  

2- We build bridges:

We believe in building an aware community where we could support and empower each other to raise our voices. For that we cooperate with many other social organisations as well as individuals who want to support us and our community.

3-  We believe in multi narrativity: 

We use our platform to highlight different narratives. "The personal is political". That means our aim is to encourage our community to share their stories with us. 

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