1-OPEN CALL - Artist Training Interdisciplinary Collectives/ July-Dec 2020

The new project Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES /interdisciplinary is a cooperation program between MigLoom and Artist training/Berlin Career College. 

Artist Training offers a support for five months with a full program: a training unit consisting of 30 hours with monthly workshops according to individual goals, two individual consultations, the presentation of artistic work at a venue and the exchange among all groups. In addition, the Digital BASICS convey basic topics of self-employment with two hours of online teaching and 12 hours of in-depth workshops. The program is held in English and is free of charge.

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Deadline: 26 June 2020 

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2. How to build a equal digital future? part I/ 17th Jun 2020: 18:00 pm

In the last decades, digitalisation has impacted every level of our lives and of the society we live in. The process has basically changed the way we work, how we learn, how we communicate with each other and with the world. It has brought about positive factors. For instance, our access to knowledge is unprecedented, so is our productivity. Social media and digital platforms give us an opportunity to raise our voices and present our ideas. At the same time, the access to these amounts of data has changed the power relations and has shifted the balances between traditional institutions and new domains. Disruptions are the order of the day in our time.

But is digitalisation the key to equality and diversity? How close is our social-media bubble to reality? What is the relation between intersectionality and digitalisation? How can it be used as a tool for marginalised communities to gain more empowerment and self determination? How can digitalisation help us create a more equal future in reality?

To discuss these question we invited:


1-Zoha Aghamehdi (born in Tehran, lives as work in Berlin) is the founder and CEO of Studio Notatio. Notatio is a newly founded Organization in the intersection of gender equality and digital technologies. Notatio’s vision is a just digital transformation and its mission is to provide a discourse around the gender aspect in digital technologies, creating bridges between data science and human science and accelerating gender equality through technology and innovation.


2-Javier Toscano (born in Mexico City, lives and works in Berlin) is a visual artist, documentary filmmaker and interdisciplinary researcher in the fields of new media and urbanism. His work has involved a continuous search to generate and collaborate with minorities, communities and groups with disabilities towards the production of alternative narratives of self-affirmation and vital exploration. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and has been a post-doc researcher in Media Politics in Paris and Berlin. He is currently writing a book-length essay on coding, digital memory and the claims to truth within the frame of a post-factual society.

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